How to Write Powerful Headlines that Demand Attention

How to Write Powerful Headlines

It’s often said that a first impression is the most important thing when you meet a new person. If that’s true, then a headline is the first impression of writing, and crafting a powerful one is important—but it’s not easy.

One principle can help: SHINE. Be specific, helpful, immediately interesting, newsworthy, and entertaining. There’s an online analyzer that can help, looking for common, emotional, and powerful words for example.

Even after you’ve had your headlines analyzed, it’s important to think in terms of keywords and power words—not superlatives. You can also review your headlines for its emotional value score, and focus on increasing unique descriptors.

To write good headlines you have to know your readers. You have to think big and answer essential questions, too. And you have to practice. To make yours better and more effective, use this graphic.

How to Write Powerful Headlines that Demand Attention

Via Salesforce.

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