Tweet, Text, and Teach: Classroom Management in the Digital Age

Classroom Management

Just a few decades ago, chalkboards, calculators, and overhead projectors were about as tech-savvy as classrooms got. No more: Smart and wireless devices have completely changed classroom learning environments, giving both students and teachers more resources to use to accommodate all sorts of learning types and subject matters.

Of course, computers have long been a mainstay in classrooms. But smaller-scale devices like tablets have entered the educational stream, allowing for more research and sharing. Another essential tool: whiteboards. Think of this as a digital chalkboard, where finger-drawn information as well as other resources can present and manipulate content matter.

Tech in the classroom can help in all manner of ways—trimming planning time, meeting the needs of different learning personality types and strengthening the bond between home and school to name a few. Even so, there are a few tips that are essential to mastering all these devices in the classroom. This graphic walks through what tech is out there, what it can do, and how to best use it.

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