Pick of the Litter: Which Litter Should You Choose for Your Cat?


Every cat owner will tell you: Their cat is a one-of-a-kind addition to their household. Why then, do many cat owners assume that all cat litters are created the same? They’re not. What they’re made of, how much they cost, how they work, and when they’re ideal (and when they’re not) are all different.

Clumping clay is a cat litter type that’s fairly well known. It’s easy and convenient, but isn’t for cat owners that are afraid of heavy litter or a dusty mess. Non-clumping clay, on the other hand, is less expensive than clumping clay but is also non-biodegradable—which could be a turn off for people who want to take care of their cat and do right by the earth, too.

Corn litter, on the other hand, is super earth friendly but also super likely to stick to your cat’s paws, which can lead to an unsightly and annoying mess. Coconut husks are also biodegradable but pricey, as is wheat. There are also litter options made of wood, walnut shells, recycled newspaper, and crystals.

Your best bet? Review all the options, thanks to this helpful infographic, and choose what works for you, your care preferences, your budget—and most importantly, your cat.

Infographic brought to you by PetCo.com.

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