Four Old-School Retention Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Retention Strategies

There’s plenty about today’s business climate that’s new school—technological connections, for example. But there are some old-school strategies that are important to implement to keep your clients happy (and maybe, just maybe, gain new customers too).

It can really be broken down into four words: value, simplicity, impactful, and personal. The latter is best exemplified by the power of a handwritten note—to say thank you, to connect, to note something of importance. In fact, a handwritten note exemplifies all four of those characteristics.

Why is it important to do what you can to retain customers? Well, established clients represent much of your profit—about 80 per cent. Every time you keep a customer, your profits take a huge jump. Converting established customers is much easier than trying to gain new ones. And if a customer feels you don’t care about them, they’ll show it—by jumping ship.

Use this graphic to keep customer retention top of mind.

Four Old-School Retention Strategies You Can't Afford To Ignore

Via Salesforce.

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