Don’t Try This At Home: Electrical Training for DIY Electricians


Electrical system is one of the dangerous parts in our home. Many people appreciate DIY approach and handle various electrical works at their home. Electrical repairs require some sort of extensive knowledge as well as appropriate tools, which the common people are not aware of. Many people feel that they can handle some of the electrical work by themselves, but in reality, handling of electrical system quite complex and is not an easy task to perform.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

It’s never a good idea to handle any electrical repairs because:

  • It is illegal to carry out any of the electrical work by your own, until you possess an electrical license.
  • Inappropriate techniques can result into electrocution and in some cases; it can result into fatality as well.
  • Many of the people are not aware of that the electrical fires are caused by people that try at fixing electrical issues on their property.
  • Electrical fire caused due to DIY repairs can also cause substantial damage to your property.
  • Illegal wiring has also a great impact on your property insurance cover.

Simply changing an outlet cover, ceiling fan or light fixture can be easily done by DIY project, but for the larger scale problems, you must hire the services of electricians, as they are trained professionals who can repair their projects safely.

Potential Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

Here is the list of some of the potential dangers and these are listed below:

  1. Use Wrong Size Wire for a Circuit

The electrical wires are available in varied thicknesses. If you accidentally select and install the wrong wire, then it will heat up and as a result, the circuit breaker may trip. Normally, the thicker wires can control more electrical current. If you use a small wire on a circuit, which generates more electricity than its capacity of control, the wire will short out and gets overheat, before the circuit breaker fuse gets activated.

So, it’s important to correctly use the devices and wires that are rated accurately that is required in a particular location and this can only be done by an electrician.

  1. Stripped or Wires Cut the Wrong Length

If you cut the wires too short, then it can make the connections more dangerous and difficult. Plus, the electric code must of the specific length of stripped wires that are actually attacked to your outlets and switches. Excessively stripped wire that is exposed inside the electrical box can cause several major problems.

  1. Incorrect Fitting of Outlets and Switches

If the fitting of switches and outlets are not properly installed, then it can be categorically hazardous. When the appliances get plugged into loosely fitted outlets, then the wires can loosen from their terminals and can cause arcing and overheating.

  1. Faulty Connections in Electrical Boxes

The main purpose of installing electrical box is to provide the protection against external elements. It is tremendously important to certify that no electrical connections are made outside these boxes. The other thing to be kept in mind is that the electrical boxes should be filled to a certain capacity. Adding too many wires and connections in a single box can result in overheating and in some other cases, it can also result in short circuiting.

  1. Incorrect Fuse Replacements

Incorrect replacement of a fuse is one of the most common causes of electrical fires.  When the fuses keep on blowing or tripping, then the property owners must replace them with the fuses or breakers of large size. If a fuse trips very frequently, then it is important to ascertain that what is causing it to trip. This problem can only be accessed by an insured and licensed electrician.

  1. Loose Fuse Connections

Make sure that all the connections in a fuse box are correctly and tightly placed. If in some case, the connection gets loose, then you may find that the lights and appliances will start to flicker. In severe circumstances, the connections get overheated too.

  1. Overloading of Outlets and Drop Cords

Overloading outlets or power boards is one of the most commonly seen electrical mistakes made by the people. It is essential that you must check how many amplifiers a circuit can tolerate and then plug in only those appliances that do not overload the board. Appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators and air conditioners etc. can overload the circuit, if it exceeds the amperage of the board.

Hire the Services of Trained Electrician

It is essential that you should look for the services of electrician to solve any electrical problem in your home. The high quality of electrical work plays a very important role and the electricians can meet these high service standards as they have undertaken proper electrical training. They possess the necessary essential equipment’s to deal with the electrical issues. They follow a planned process and ensure safety measures.

Final Words

Electrical wiring and repairs are extremely dangerous and difficult and to deal with them you must seek the services of a trained electrician as one wrong move can harm you and your family.

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