Effective Home Remedies for Internal Bleeding

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In your lifetime, you have faced with many injuries, from the small ones to the big ones. For instance, you may cut your finger with a knife or fall from riding a bike. These external bleedings are easy to see and to be applied some medication right away. However, internal bleeding is a lot more dangerous than that because it is really hard to diagnose and find out.

What is Internal Bleeding?

Internal bleeding is the loss of blood happening within your body after a serious physical contact. Unless you stop the bleeding as soon as possible, the patient will totally get the higher risk of death. Indeed, this condition is truly serious, because it needs a medical examination or proper diagnosis to identify the location of bleeding. When it comes to internal bleeding, you can experience some symptoms such as dizziness, unconsciousness, fatigue, intense pain, swelling and so on.

What causes Internal Bleeding?

As you know, the reasons for internal bleeding can be one of the following:

  • Traffic accident
  • Severe collision
  • Blast injuries
  • Gunshot wound
  • Falling from high place
  • Surgery

It is also noted that internal bleeding can be the indicator of life-threatening diseases that you should go to the doctor for medical treatments.

Home Remedies for Internal Bleeding

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

If you are seeking the way to deal with internal bleeding, you should apparently try the aloe vera gel. On one side, aloe vera is able to slow down the bleeding little by little and promote your recovery effectively. On the other side, with the antiviral content, it will help you reduce the infection as well as keep your tissue supple. Hence, it becomes a useful solution to intestinal bleeding.

How to apply:

  • Get the fresh juice from an aloe vera leaf
  • Consume a small cup of this juice for several times per day
  • Keep performing this home remedy until you see the improvement.
  1. Wild Geranium

The best solution to internal bleeding is to use natural herbs like wild geranium. In detail, wild geranium is a garden plant with pink flower. If you want, you can grow this herb in your back yard because it is adaptable and easy to be cultivated. To use the wild geranium, you collect its roots and mash them for curing internal bleeding, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, toothache… In addition, it works as an astringent that helps stop the bleeding and leads to the contraction of tissues.

  1. Shepherd’s Purse

One of the most impressive home remedies for internal bleeding is shepherd’s purse, do you know that? Like wild geranium, this herb has the positive effect on bleeding and help you decrease a lot of symptoms of this problem. Moreover, shepherd’s purse is really useful for treating blood loss in urinary tract or in digestive tract. All parts of this plant can be used in herbal medicine. In modern day, it is considered as a wonderful treatment for both internal and external bleeding.

  1. Yarrow

Another herb on how to treat internal bleeding that we would like to show you is yarrow. Yarrow contains the astringent and anti-inflammation content which help stop the bleeding and soothe the infected areas. Furthermore, this herb stimulates your healing process. So after using yarrow in several days you will see the improvement. As you know, yarrow is used to deal with the bleeding condition of urinary tract, stomach and lungs.

  1. Coenzyme Q10

On the list of home remedies for internal bleeding, coenzyme Q10 is outstanding due to its strong antioxidants. Many people consume coenzyme Q10 to treat the internal bleeding and blood vessel conditions. Otherwise, it improves your immune system and speeds up your tissue recovery. You had better take 50 – 60 milligrams of coenzyme on a daily basis to get rid of this bad problem gradually. That is the suitable dose for people who are suffering from internal bleeding, if you want to change it you need to consult with your doctor. It is recommended that you should divide the daily dose into 2 – 3 times by consuming small amounts.

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